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    老虎机故障08‘We had better have him round to the yard,’ said M. Thomas. ‘If you will go through I will show him the way.’


    ‘Good,’ said La Touche, ‘then we had better move to a more private place. We’ll go to my hotel, and you, Charcot’—he turned to the porter—‘get away back to the rue de Lyon and tell M. Mallet and your friend the man’s found. Here’s what I owe you and a trifle more.’
    Several persons entered and left the works, but it was not till the detective had sat there nearly an hour and had consumed two more bocks, that he saw what he had hoped for. M. Boirac stepped out of the office door and, turning in the opposite direction, walked down the street towards the city. Lefarge waited for five minutes longer, then, slowly folding up his paper and lighting a cigarette, he left the café.
    ‘Neither; the matter was only referred to incidentally as we were leaving the room.’


    2.‘And what time did the message come for you from your works?’
    3.He began reckoning the time. It must, he thought, be about half-past eight o’clock. It was about eight when the dray had turned into the drive and he was sure half an hour at least must have passed since then. He had leave until ten and he did not want to be late without authority, though surely, under the circumstances, an excuse would be made for him. He began to picture the scene if he were late, the cold anger of the sergeant, the threat to report him, then his explanation, the sudden change of manner. . . .
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